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I Can't Believe There's A Meme Shooter

from by Height Keech



I can’t believe there’s a meme shooter
It seems so incredibly dumb
It feels like it just wouldn’t happen
I don’t know a soul so numb
I can’t believe anyone’s laughing
As they sat back and watched it at home
But maybe that’s just what they dreamed
A nightmare unfolding by one of their own

I can’t believe there’s a meme shooter

I believed when I heard about Kent State
I believed Tiananmen Square
They just seemed like bad things that would happen
When power wont yield to the change in the air
But these guys really thought it was funny
To rob 49 souls folks of their breath
It really breaks your heart apart to know
That half the world’s lost in this cult of death

I can’t believe there’s a meme shooter

Must be people out there that feel nothing
Like the earth’s just a video game
People for whom, seeing something like that, or seeing nothing like that
Is all one and the same
And of course, folks, I’m nobody’s doctor
And I can’t cure this insanity
But if you feel the way I’m describing
Please let me appeal to your humanity

I can’t believe there’s a meme shooter


from Raw Routes, released September 2, 2019


all rights reserved



Height Keech Baltimore


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