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On A Starlit Grind

from by Height Keech



When I’m out and a band goes in
I hope they came with a plan to win
I hope they don’t try to be too coy
they gotta go all out to motivate the boy
I need a beat that’ll break the chain
and sweep feet off the known terrain
I want to jump into the sun
you gotta do something that cannot be done

I’m starving in my mind
On a starlit grind

When these MC’s rock the spot
I hope it’s not just off the knot
I hope they got the presentation down
Hope they don’t try to wing it, and smack the ground
I hope mans want to bring that twist
to hit fans like a swinging fist
I hope they got a surprise in store
I hope they thought up stuff I never thought before

I’m starving in my mind
On a starlit grind

We can’t dream until the room gets set
So don’t blast off with no sound just yet
Somebody’s gotta tell these rubes
Turn off the TV’s and florescent tubes
Don’t say the things that you think I’d like
Put us in your sites and ignite the strike
Say it simple and keep it stark
Show us what goes on in the deepest dark

I’m starving in my mind
On a starlit grind


from Raw Routes, released September 2, 2019


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Height Keech Baltimore


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