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Walking ft. Illingsworth + Mister

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Walk through them snows
Zoom through those towns
The lamplight it glows
Camped out on these grounds
Let’s blast out these sounds
Go nuts on these bills
Let’s cut through these pathways
And stomp through these hills
Now Jesus was a freak
Said blessed are the meek
Came back out to black out
Let’s push past the peak
Sit down, let me speak
Leave herbs in these hails
Let’s walk down these highways
With raps wrapped in bales

This life is roller-coasting
full of locomotion, overdosing
I’d rather be row-boating in the open ocean
Suffering from liquor sweats
rupturing my liver, whilst
sculpturing a cup with chisel
numbering a finished set
Walk with weasley varmints in the eastern market
Each team link reeks of garbage
the leader’s whoever blinks the hardest
Or whoever can streak the farthest
while outrunning police departments
We can walk in peace or unleash the marmot

Portrait of a tumbleweed
Picture me rolling
A certain something about neil young, rust and sleep
Is keeping me going
The blood is pumping, applying heat to the frozen
And dropkicking any impeding the motion
Loose cannon
Flyin' Brian, find me floating
Over all these crumb bums, dum dums and lushes
A marathon, man
i don’t see the need for rushing, I’m walking


from Raw Routes, released September 2, 2019


all rights reserved



Height Keech Baltimore


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